TalkEarn — an Ecosystem for Crypto Investors

The TalkEarn Ecosystem is a fully decentralized platform, enabling an absolutely transparent exchange of information between crypto traders and investors.

The TalkEarn ecosystem connects:

  1. Professional Traders and Investors, who are well-versed in Crypto and are willing to earn money for their knowledge and experience.
  2. Crypto beginners, who are looking for opportunities to invest and professional guidance and consultancy services.

The platform’s features available for professional traders and investors:

1. Register a profile and pass the platforms scoring system, that will measure their qualification level. As a result, they will have their page on the platform, where they can insert information about themselves (experience, knowledge, posted articles, etc.)

2. Post professional articles on the platform, that will allow them to raise their visibility (including boosted posts)

3. Unified communication panel. Each professional trader will have its dashboard to manage everything: discussions with its clients, chats, calls, calendar with appointed meetings, posted articles, etc.

4. TALK2EARN technology. Each professional trader and/ or investor can be contacted instantly by chat, voice, or video from his page on the platform or his placed article. For each minute and/ or message the trader will set up its price, to get paid for time spent and consultancy services provided to its clients

5. Certification program. Each professional trader and/ or investor will have the opportunity to apply for certification (similar to the Facebook Blueprint program)

The platform features available for crypto beginners:

1. Professional information about Crypto in one place: exchanges, with their rewards programs and trading instruments; launchpads, with their tier and staking systems; investment opportunities (Metaverse, NFT, P&E projects, wallets, bridges, minting, staking, yield farming, parachains, crowdfunding platforms, etc.); professional articles posted by experienced traders and investors and many more.

2. Talk2Earn technology. Each informational page on the Platform will display a list of professional traders/ investors avatars that:

  • contributed content for this page
  • passed our certification program and proved their expertness in this topic.

For example, one of the experienced traders posted an article about the pros and cons of different wallets available in the Crypto world. The avatar of the article’s author will be displayed on the visible part of the page. In case the trader is available, he will set up the status“online” in his dashboard. As a result, for any user reading the article instantly will appear the button “Call” below the author’s avatar. Clicking this button will lead to an instant call meeting between the users (in case, of course, the article’s author accepts the call).

As a common case, the first minutes of the call will be free-of-charge for the call initiator. During this free period, the call receiver will understand the call initiator’s issues, if he might be of help, and will provide the information about his services (price-per-minute/ message, minutes amount free-of-charge, pricing plans, if it is the case, how to buy tokens and connect initiator’s user wallet to the platform, etc. — all this information shall be displayed mandatory on the professional trader’s page inside the platform). In case the professional trader is not available at that time, the other 2 buttons shall be displayed below his avatar: “Chat” and “Calendar” (Chat — for messaging, Calendar to request an appointment with that trader at a specific date and time).

Additionally, in the case when the user is not impressed by the article’s author profile, he will have the opportunity to get in contact with other professional traders, displayed below the article. This “other” professional traders list is formed by the traders/ investors certified by the Platform in a specific category. In the example above, the article about the pros and cons of different wallets available in the Crypto world is assigned to the category Crypto wallets. The traders that passed certification for this category will appear in the list of traders suggested by the platform in the section below the article. Each of them will be instantly accessible by 3 buttons below each avatar: call (for those who are online), chat and calendar.

3. WebRTC features, such as video/ voice recording, share screen, co-browsing, end-to-end encryption, etc. In other words, the experienced trader will have all necessary tools to provide professional consultancy, i.e., sharing screen to show how to create/ connect a wallet; co-browse with the call initiator to highlight the important sections from his article; share files during the call, for example, important instructions, etc.

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A first decentralized platform, connecting crypto-traders and investors in one ecosystem built on Talk2Earn technology.